Pathways Fall 2012

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Fall 2012

Spring Point Project has a new look

new website

Spring Point Project's new website

This newsletter is part of our renewed and reenergized communications program. Check out our new website at to learn more about how both HOPE and science are the keys to achieving a cure for diabetes.

On the road to FDA approval

In 2011, Spring Point Project took the next step in becoming an FDA-approved Source Animal Facility (SAF) by filing a Type V Biologics Master File (BMF). This filing represents a follow-up to our previous Pre-Investigational New Drug (Pre-IND) meetings with the FDA, when we discussed our plans and preparations and had an opportunity to present our progress against these plans and the status of our operations. The filing allowed the FDA to further assess and clarify points of interest or concern – all of which were satisfactorily addressed.

Achieving this significant milestone allows us to more effectively collaborate with partners in need of clinically suitable porcine materials.

Efforts focused on pathogen-free pigs

Pat Ryan congratulates John Waldner

Board Chairman Pat Ryan (left) congratulates John Waldner on the Hutterites’ contributions to our successes

In March 2012, Spring Point Project closed our eastern South Dakota facility that we operated in partnership with the Riverside Hutterian Brethren and ceased production activities of our Non-Designated Pathogen Free (DPF) pigs. This closure allows Spring Point Project to focus on the production of clinically suitable pigs and pig materials needed to begin human trials.

A poignant closing ceremony was held at the Riverside Hutterite Colony where our Board and staff were able to partake in Hutterian hospitality and thank John Waldner and the managers of the Riverside Multiplier Unit – Philip Waldner and Brandon Decker – for their significant contributions to reaching our goals.

New partnerships expand
clinical opportunities

Spring Point Project has developed relationships with several users of DPF porcine materials in addition to the Schulze Diabetes Institute at the University of Minnesota. One of these users is Islet Sciences, Inc., an organization working to develop encapsulated porcine piglet islet products to treat diabetic patients. Spring Point Project is the only facility in North America with the capacity to provide pig islet cells for a clinical study.
Another partner is an organization working to utilize our DPF porcine livers to develop an extracorporeal liver assist device. This device, which would operate in a similar manner to a dialysis treatment, could save the lives of both acute and chronic liver failure patients.

A portrait of Spring Point Project’s progenitor pig, Abraham

Thanks to those who believe in our mission!

Thank you for your continued support during this time as we’ve been relatively quiet. In addition to you, several of our staunch supporters recently have contributed significantly to our operations. To name a few that have significantly supported us:
- Diabetes Research and Wellness Foundation family of international foundations
- Regional 5M Multiple District of Lions Club International
- Minnesota Lions Diabetes Foundation
- Annual Diabetes Memorial Ride in memory of Dan Glumac and Tom Gillen
- Minnesota Medical Foundation
- Annual Golf Classic “Fore” Diabetes Research
- Richard M. Schulze Family Foundation

Meet our Board!

Tom Cartier, founder

Tom Cartier, founder
Pat Ryan, chairman

Our Board is now chaired by Pat Ryan with directors Tim Clark serving as executive vice chairman, Steve Murphy as treasurer, and Martha Vetter as secretary. This restructure has invigorated the organization.

To learn more about our Board members, visit our new website!

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